Nothing Here.... Yet

Genre: scifi

There's nothing here, yet. But check back later ^_^

An Unreliable Narrator of My Own Life

Genre: horror

Before I get even a little way into my story, I do want to say; the dog does not die in this one.

There are so many details that I fear I am forgetting, and so many of which I cannot determine if they are real or not. That very fact will probably result in many waving this away as a hallucination, or the ramblings of a mad woman.

But, although the details themselves are murky, I promise that the events themselves are real.

I grew up on the shores of one of the Great Lakes, and in an area where there is frequently more snowfall than parts of Alaska. In 2017 we got 5 feet on Christmas day alone, and while the Weather Channel found it remarkable, the residents of that small city shrugged...

Nothing Here...Yet

Genre: fantasy

There's nothing hereā€¦ so far. Check back later ^-^